If you are a motivated poolee or plan to enlist into the Marine Corps one day, be sure to read through our main website by clicking on the below image.

This website addresses most your frequently asked questions and concerns and it can help you avoid mistakes, so read it.


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The following quoted text is from the official Lance Corporal Skip Wells Foundation’s Facebook page posted on Feb. 26, 2016:

“We are sad to report that the Lpcl Skip Wells Foundation has officially disassociated itself from any and all relationships with the Marines & Mickey foundation. John Simpson was discharged from the Marine Corps with a bad conduct discharge and as an E1 admin clerk. He has misrepresented himself as a former Force Recon Marine, Drill Instructor and Msgt. He was confronted by our board and Cathy Wells today and refused to turn over proceeds that were donated under false pretenses. There will be federal charges for stolen valor, 501c3 tax fraud, and many other criminal charges the authorities at the federal level are currently investigating. Please contact us directly before donating, or supporting him or his fund raising efforts. Semper Fi.”
This post is being posted here to alert all of you of what is currently going on with MARINES AND MICKEY and its founder, JOHN SIMPSON. You can read Mr. Simpsons reply which is posted on his website here: and you can Google the mentioned names and foundations to see news stories about this issue from various news agencies all across America. KILL!!
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So it looks like in the near future (April 2016) USMC recruit training will be integrated meaning those recruits with boy parts will train together with those recruits with girl parts.

It is still not clear whether females will train aboard MCRD San Diego, but the change is coming along with all MOS’s being open to whoever qualifies for it.

Years of tradition once again shoved aside for reasons policy makers will not admit. I think it is safe to say that an already declining morale in our Corps has just sunk even further!



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Future Jarheads has been mentoring wannabees, poolees and Marines since 2004. During this time we have continued to support those who have come through this website. Whether it be sending letters to recruits while in boot camp, shipping packages to deployed service members,  donating to worthy military causes or giving assistance to any future Marine or Marine who needs it, your donations are guaranteed to make an impact.

Future Jarheads is not a large well-known community and it is not interested in being in the spotlight. We prefer to remain as grounded as possible and believe this makes us more effective. We rely heavily on donations from our sponsors and from all of you to help keep us going 365 days a year. Aside from supporting our fans, your donations go to pay for all Future Jarheads site’s fees, maintenance, monitoring and updating to ensure we remain as relevant as possible.

Yes, this is the free world wide web and we all take it for granted to some degree. But someone created all of this for you and someone has to keep updating the info as things change. Plus someone is out here replying to all of your emails and answering all of your questions on various sites day after day year after year. We must not assume that because a person creates a website/cause, that this must mean he is financially secure or living a dream life. If ever there was a cause that needed your support, this is it.

To those of you who have shown Future Jarheads what the true meaning of the Brotherhood is all about, we thank you for your donations. And for those of you who can find it in your heart to support a worthy cause, we also thank you. Every little bit helps and no amount is too small.

You can help support the Future Jarheads mission at this link SUPPORT LINK or you can click on the below image.


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995011_10200710936329781_7847744_nVery few things that civilians say or do military wise offend me, but when someone wears a uniform that is earned with the label of, “U.S. MARINES” on it, this is just crossing that line and unacceptable.
Chris Brown who I have no opinion of could of easily worn a uniform without labels and this would of been perfectly fine. Making a fashion statement with something that sweats, bleeds and dies is never a wise move unless you have earned that right and last time I checked, Mr. Brown has not earned that right.
And I do not care if a real Marine gave him that uniform to wear in his honor or any lame crap like that. Being in the public eye, he should know better, but then again what do we expect from Chris Brown.
Shame on you brother and you now owe all Marines an apology for your fuck up and for your poor decision. And by the way dude, you look like a giant stack of idiot smothered in shit, so un-fuck yourself punk!
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You can now order your Yellow Footprints t-shirts by clicking on the below image.


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Super Poolee speaking about being a USMC poolee.

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A simple video pointing out ten of the bigger mistakes often made by poolees.

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